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Reflecting upon last year’s 2nd annual general meeting where the membership voted upon amending 9 of the CDHM’s by-law articles, we are pleased that at this year’s AGM the CDHM registrants will only be voting upon one amendment. Please note that by-laws may be repealed or amended at a general meeting by a majority vote of the membership.

In accordance with Section 55 of The Dental Hygienists Act, “The college may, by resolution passed at a general meeting, adopt a code of ethics governing the conduct of members.” Council is proposing to the membership that the CDHM adopts the CDHA’s Code of Ethics with the by-laws being revised accordingly.

If you require a copy of this proposed by-law change, please contact the CDHM office. As above, voting on the by-law change may take place in person at the AGM, by mail or by proxy. If you are not attending the AGM and wish to submit a by-law change voting card, please contact the CDHM via email at CDHM (at) or calling (204) 219-2678. Please allow enough time to receive the proxy ballot by mail and then have it mailed back and received at the office by October 18, 2010. As per the By-Laws, Section Proxies, 4.21: The represented member must submit the signed proxy form to the college at least 5 business days before the meeting takes place.

A copy of the proposed by-law changes can be viewed in this document:
CDHM Proposed Bylaw Changes AGM2010
(PDF format, 14 pages, 368 kb)

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