CDHM Amended By-laws

Posted by CDHM INFO On December - 9 - 2010

On October 23 2010 the CDHM held its Annual General Meeting (AGM). As per section 54(2) of The Dental Hygienists Act the by-laws may be amended and repealed ‘after notice is given in accordance with the by-laws, a by-law under section (1) may be amended or repealed by a majority of the members of the college

(a) present and voting at a general meeting; or
(b) voting in a mail vote or other method of voting conducted in accordance with the by-laws.


At the AGM the membership voted to amend the by-laws so that they now contain the most current version of the CDHA’s Code of Ethics.

A Code of Ethics is a document that is designed to set out acceptable behaviours that registrants of a profession are expected to incorporate into their practice. As well, a Code of Ethics can also increase confidence in a governing body by indicating to the public that registrants of the organization are committed to following basic ethical guidelines in the course of providing treatment.

Please find below the CDHM amended by-laws and the CDHA Code of Ethics:

CDHM By-Laws
(PDF document PDF document, 13 pages, 341 kb)

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