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Posted by CDHM INFO On June - 12 - 2011

The College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba (CDHM) has recently reviewed the operations of the organization and has decided to move toward a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative for the distribution of the CDHM newsletter, Connections.

The June 2011 newsletter and all newsletters onward will be available to you via two mechanisms:
1) the CDHM website and
2) reminders and links to the newsletter via the CDHM distribution list.

By changing this process the College will save time, money and the environment. Furthermore, this modification will enable the staff at the College to serve the registrants more effectively.

Save Time:

  • On addressing and stamping envelopes
  • By emailing and not mailing

Save Money:

  • On envelopes and stationary
  • On stamps
  • On printer ink

Save the Environment:

  • By not using paper products
  • By not using a mail truck for delivery
  • By not increasing the number of printer cartridges that end up in landfills

The CDHM has a list of all practising and non-practising registrants who have provided to us their email addresses. If your email address has changed, or you would like to provide us with an email address and you haven’t done so already, please feel free to contact the office via email or written notification and we will be sure to add you to the distribution list.

The College appreciates that some of the registrants do not have access to the internet and/or an email address. In this case, please feel free to provide written notification to the College that you would like the Connections newsletter sent to you via regular mail.

If you have any further questions regarding the information above please feel free to contact
Stephanie Gordon, BA, RDH
Registrar/Executive Director College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba
T: 204-219-2678 F: 204-219-2679

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