CCP Regulations for May 1 2011- April 30 2012

Posted by CDHM INFO On September - 5 - 2011
  • All members on the Practising Register as of April 30th must complete the required components of the CCP for year May 1, 2011 and onward, option 1 or option 2.
  • Only a predetermined randomly selected proportion of members will undergo a full assessment/audit. 
  • The members who have been randomly selected for the full assessment/audit will be contacted by mail one month prior to the reporting period deadline defined as April 30th for the current CCP year
  • Only those members will have to submit their CCP documents
  • All members must keep a personal copy of the forms/documents
  • The CCP declaration will be included with the registration renewal forms for the year 2012.
  •  The CCP declaration of honest reporting must be completed.  Providing false or misleading information will be considered misconduct and may be subject to a Complaints/Disciplinary Committee Review
  • Assessment and feedback of CCP submissions will be conducted by trained CDHM Continuing Competency Assessors and provided to members:
    • Additional information/documentation/evidence may be requested by the CDHM to be provided by a member within specified timelines;
    • Subsequent to opportunities to provide additional materials, where the CCP submission is considered to inadequately support a member’s competency, the CDHM may, at their discretion, impose additional requirements for registration and/or limits to registration;
    • Members may formally appeal decisions regarding the assessment of CCP submissions by contacting the CDHM in writing within 2 weeks of receiving the assessment report
    • Members are encouraged to contact the CDHM at any time during the reporting period and/or subsequent to receiving assessment reports for assistance in completing CCP requirements and/or when encountering continuing competency challenges
  • Random assessments/audits may be conducted to validate the information provided by members




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