Position Description – Complaints Committee Member – College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba

The College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba is seeking applications for the volunteer position of Complaints Committee Member.  The applicant must be a member “in good standing” of the College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba. The Complaints Committee is accountable to the CDHM Council for the following jobs: (1) Informal resolution of complaints on the conduct of members and (2) Written reports on committee progress at least 2 weeks prior to each Council meeting.

This position includes receiving complaints against members under the Dental Hygienists Act, being a part of Complaints Committee meetings, and taking a role in the decision making process. The decision making can include a referral of the complaint for hearing by the Inquiry Committee or determining possible censures of a member. The Complaints Committee decision making process involves reviewing complaints and responses to complaints from members, directing investigations, deliberating decisions regarding complaints.

Prior knowledge of ethical issues and jurisprudence related to Dental Hygiene or health care practice is an asset, but not a requirement. Previous work experience in Dental Hygiene in a variety of practices (general and specialty practices) and settings (education, research, industry, professional association) is an asset as well as knowledge and experience on the impact of technology and current research on dental hygiene practice (e.g. paperless practice; use of local anaesthetics).

Applicants should apply in writing, with a copy of their resume or CV by May 23, 2014.  A brief letter setting out why you are the ideal candidate for this position should be sent to:

Ms. Terry Phillips, CDHM Council Chair

c/o CDHM office address at:
109-420 Des Meurons Street
Winnipeg, MB
R2H 2N9



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