Since the AGM in September 2008, four committees have been formed. The work of these committees is invaluable to the College and in protection of the public. The following individuals have been appointed to each:

Continuing Competency Program Reviewer Committee:

  • Diane Girardin
  • Paula Larocque
  • Chelsey Pachkowsky
  • Harriet Rosenbaum
  • Aaron Szucsik
  • Agnes Wawrzynczak


  • Lisa Grayson, (Chair)
  • Gregory Giesbrecht
  • Tracey Walther


  • Kim Boyce (Chair)
  • Marla Rubin
  • Nita Orbeta (public rep.)

Thanks to all of the members who have dedicated their time and effort.

Posted by CDHM INFO On June - 1 - 2017

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