Complaints against a registrant of the CDHM:

  1. Must be delivered to the registrar in writing
  2. May be from a member of the public, a dental hygienist, a dentist or other employer
  3. Regard the actions of a current or former registrant of the CDHM

If you wish to register a complaint about a dental hygienist, you can do so by sending feedback to the college by mail at:

Complaints Committee
College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba
109-420 Des Meurons Street
Winnipeg, MB R2H2N9

A written complaint against a registrant of the college will be forwarded to the complaints committee by the registrar. The registrar will also notify the respondent (the registrant) and will acknowledge the complainant. On receiving a complaint, the complaints committee may attempt to resolve it informally if appropriate. If informal resolution of the complaint is not appropriate or is attempted and is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, the complaints committee must direct that an investigation into the conduct of the member be held. Complaints and Inquiries will be conducted in accordance with section 18 through 48 of The Dental Hygienists Act.

The College relies on feedback from the public & registrants. Please let us know if we’ve done something well or if you have suggestions or comments about this web site or any other College materials or communications.

Feedback can be sent by email to feedback (at)

Posted by CDHM INFO On June - 13 - 2010

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