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Practice guidelines for practising registration

Posted by CDHM INFO On December - 21 - 2015

The College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba (CDHM) recognizes that a traditional 40 hour work week in a clinical setting may not always be possible or desirable for its members who hold a practising registration with CDHM. The Board of Assessors undertook the task of developing Guidelines to assist those members who wish to maintain their practising registration but who wish to do so in an alternative method. Post-graduate education and volunteer hours may count towards the currency requirement of practice hours.

The following documents can be found on the CDHM website at the following links:

Please contact the CDHM if you have any questions about these documents. Thank you, The CDHM Board of Assessors.

Continuing Competency Program update

Posted by CDHM INFO On March - 30 - 2015


The Continuing Competency Program (CCP) review for 2015 is about to begin. The registrants who have been selected for the full assessment/audit will be contacted by registered mail one month prior to the April 30th deadline. Only those registrants will have to submit their CCP documents. Audited registrants will submit CCP documents for:

2013 (May 1, 2012-April 30, 2013)
2014 (May 1, 2013-April 30, 2014)
2015 (May 1, 2014-April 30, 2015)

Please note: at the beginning of the Professional Activity Record (PAR) form, one must provide a brief synopsis of what has been learned as an attendee or a participant.

As you are aware, the College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba (CDHM) is directed to comply with the provincial government under The Dental Hygienists Act to carry out its activities and govern its members in a manner that serves and protects the public interest. In protecting the public, the college ensures that dental hygienists are educated to perform safe, competent and ethical dental hygiene services by adhering to current jurisdictional legislation. Section 17 of The Dental Hygienists Act requires Council to establish a Continuing Competency Program.

Most importantly, the CCP was established according to the CDHM Competencies which were approved by Manitoba Health:

CDHM Assessment Competency #64: The Dental Hygienist assesses own continuing competence/quality assurance (e.g. through reflective practice, formalized self-assessment, mentor relationships, peer review, supervisor feedback, etc.)

CDHM Planning Competency #21: The Dental Hygienist develops a written plan to address continuing competence/quality assurance goals.

When the Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) is enacted it will be the legal framework under which all regulated health professions will be governed and must follow. This legislation ensures all health professions in Manitoba are governed by consistent, uniform legislation and regulations with a focus on patient protection.

The CDHM is mandated by the RHPA to establish a continuing competency program as follows:

87(1) A council must establish, by regulation, a continuing competency program to maintain the competence of the members and to enhance the practice of the regulated health profession. The program may provide for, but is not limited to,

(a) reviewing the professional competence of members;

(b) requiring members to participate in programs intended to ensure competence; and (c) conducting practice audits in accordance with this Act.

All regulated colleges recognize that an effective continuing competency program is a key responsibility that professions undertake in return for the privilege of professional self-governance. Continuing competency is a centerpiece of Manitoba’s system of self-governance for health care professions. Hence, the CCP is a mandatory component of both The Dental Hygienists Act and the Regulated Health Professions Act.

The CDHM complies with the legislative requirements and continuously reviews the CCP requirements. Through this work and the competent practice of our members, we strive to engender public confidence in the dental hygiene profession.

CCP Regulations update

Posted by CDHM INFO On October - 31 - 2014

The CCP regulations were revised this year – please visit the CCP Regulations section (under CCP) for details.


Posted by CDHM INFO On September - 20 - 2013

A new document has been added to the Legislation & Resources > Stakeholder section.

“The Profession of Dental Hygiene
Dental hygienists are regulated primary oral health care professionals who specialize in clinical preventive and therapeutic therapies, oral health education and health promotion. Dental hygiene is a health profession involving theory and evidence-based practice, drawing upon the biomedical, social, and behavioural sciences, and the body of dental hygiene knowledge. The practice of dental hygiene involves collaboration with clients, other health professionals and society to achieve and maintain optimal oral health, an integral part of well-being. A client may be an individual, family, group, organization, or community accessing the professional services of a dental hygienist. As oral health professionals, dental hygienists practice as clinicians, educators, researchers, administrators, health promoters and/or consultants.”


A History of firsts

Posted by CDHM INFO On June - 22 - 2013


It’s hard to believe, but the CDHM has already had several firsts for the dental hygiene profession in Manitoba.  Check out the History section for the evolution of the CDHM.

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