The Registration Process

Time and Cost

As you prepare for the registration process, it is important to note the following:

It can take months to over a year to become a registrant with the CDHM. (On average, the entire process can take up to two years to complete).

  • Documents required for application can take weeks or months to obtain
  • the NDHCB examination equivalency assessment takes up to eight weeks after all the documents have been received
  • NDHCB examination of equivalency assessment, nonrefundable fee of $800 CDN
  • you will be required to successfully complete a competency assessment which includes a clinical component

The NDHCB examination is provided three times per year (January, May, September)

  • you may have to wait months before you can take the exam

As of January 2015 the NDHCB Exam fee is: $665 plus applicable taxes

There are a number of fees in the CDHM registration process:

  • competency assessment fee of $2500
  • there is a first time application processing fee of $250
  • the current annual registration fee is $440

Please feel free to contact the CDHM office at 204-219-2678 to inquire about application and registration process.

Posted by CDHM INFO On May - 13 - 2015

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