Know the Act to Know How to Act

The CDHM Legislation Update, Know the Act… to Know How to Act, was presented on April 23, 2014. The presentation focused on clarifying supervision and practice setting requirements and highlighting informative resources to enable RDHs to answer some of their own questions as they arise.  Please find below a web version of the presentation.

Know the Act to Know How to Act
(PDF document PDF document, 4 pages, 4.8 mb)

Know the Act Handout
(PDF document PDF document, 1 page, 29 kb)


thumbnailThe CDHM Legislation Update, “Know the Act” held in April 2014, is now available as a voiced PowerPoint presentation provided by the presenter, Mickey Wener. The CDHM invites you to view and listen to this user-friendly presentation that walks you through the complexities of our legislation.

Posted by CDHM INFO On May - 5 - 2015

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