One of the primary responsibilities of the CDHM is to ensure the ongoing competence of individual members and to improve the performance of the profession overall. To this end, the goal of this Continuing Competency Program (CCP) is to advance the collective knowledge and quality of care offered by all dental hygienists in Manitoba, thus assuring protection of the public’s interest.

The CCP has been thoughtfully developed by the Continuing Competency Committee, CDHM staff, consultants and Manitoba dental hygienists. It was our objective to establish a strong, effective and evidence-based Continuing Competency Program, suitable to our members. Significant research and review of Continuing Competency programs in Canadian dental hygiene jurisdictions, as well as our allied health professions in Manitoba was performed to develop our own unique CDHM program.

The entire CCP package is available here:

CCP Package – full document

(PDF document PDF document, 41 pages, 1.9 mb)

Please read the CCP General Policies (pages 7-10), and the CCP Directives before completing any forms.

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