CCP Regulations

  • All registrants on the Practising Register as of April 30th must satisfy the required components of the CCP, with the following forms/documents:
    • Continuing Competency Record (CCR) for each competency goal identified, and if applicable:
    • Professional Activity Record (PAR) describing participation in professional activities
  • Registrants must keep a personal copy of the forms and associated documents for 5 years.
  • The CCP declaration of honest reporting located on the CDHM registration renewal form must be completed yearly. Providing false or misleading information will be considered misconduct and may be subject to a Complaints/Disciplinary Committee Review.
  • A predetermined randomly selected proportion of the registrants will undergo a full assessment/audit.
  • Additionally, new practising registrants for the current CCP year, and registrants who have applied for transfer to the Practising Register will undergo a full assessment/audit.
  • The registrants who have been selected for the full assessment/audit will be contacted by registered mail one month prior to the reporting period deadline defined as April 30th for the current CCP year.
  • Only those registrants will have to submit their CCP documents.
  • Registrants who are audited in:
    • 2014 and onward will have to submit CCP documents for the 3 year period (2012, 2013 and 2014).
  • Assessments/audits may be conducted to validate the information provided by members.
  • Members are encouraged to contact the CDHM at any time during the reporting period and/or subsequent to receiving assessment reports for assistance in completing CCP requirements and/or when encountering continuing competency challenges.
  • All CCP forms must be type written; hand written forms will not be accepted
  • All journal/study group topics and members must be registered with the CDHM Deputy Registrar

Late CCP Submissions

  • In the event that a member fails to complete the CCP requirements by the reporting period deadline (April 30), a CCP Late Fee of $200.00 will automatically apply; members failing to submit requirements in full within one month of the reporting deadline (May 31) will be referred to the Complaints Committee.
  • Members not meeting CCP requirements by December 1 who want to remain on the Register of Dental Hygienists – Practising, will be referred to the Board of Assessors for not for not meeting registration requirements as per Section 9 (1) (f) of the Regulations or section 19(1)(c) of the Regulations in the case of renewals.
  • For members failing to satisfy the above requirements, application for renewal may not be approved by the Board of Assessors.


Assessment of CCP Submissions

  • The individual member’s practice setting and environment will be considered by the CCP Reviewers when assessing the CCP submission.
  • Competency activities carried out within 24 months of the reporting period deadline (April 30th) will be considered eligible.
  • Members achieving more than two continuing competency goals in a given reporting year should submit the two goals of most priority or contributing most to competency.
  • Assessment and feedback of CCP submissions will be conducted by trained CDHM Continuing Competency Program Reviewers and provided to members.

The following steps will be taken in the case of inadequate CCP submissions:

  1. Inadequate CCP submissions are automatically submitted to a 2nd CCP Reviewer for an independent re-assessment. CCP Reviewers are not provided with the results of other reviewers.
  1. Additional information/documentation/evidence may be requested by the CDHM to be provided by a member within specified timelines when the assessment has not met the CCP guidelines.
  1. Members may formally request reconsideration regarding the assessment of CCP submissions by contacting the CDHM Deputy Registrar in writing within 2 weeks of receiving the assessment report. The CDHM CCP Reviewers will meet as a committee to review the reconsideration. The member will be notified in writing the final decision of the CDHM CCP Reviewers.
  1. After the member has been given opportunities to provide additional materials, and the reconsideration process is complete, where the CCP submission is considered by the CDHM CCP Reviewer Committee to inadequately support a member’s competency, the CDHM will refer the member to the Board of Assessors.


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