Self-Assessment Tool

The Self-Assessment Tool is designed for use in all dental hygiene practice environments as a user-friendly addition to the College of Dental Hygienists of Manitoba (CDHM) Practice Standards and the Continuing Competency Program (CCP) Package. This Self-Assessment Tool will assist the dental hygienist in assessing one’s dental hygiene practice in order to determine a specific continuing competency goal and to provide direction in the selection of appropriate continuing competency activities. Using practice standards can be helpful in determining professional strengths and weaknesses and directing one’s continuing competency goals. Registrants determine if they have competency in the specific item or if additional development is required. Where additional development is required, the dental hygienist is cued in to develop a corresponding continuing competency goal.

Self-Directed Assessment Tool (optional)
PDF document Self-Assessment Tool in fill able PDF format (11 pages, 1.3 mb)

Instructions for Using the Self-Assessment Tool

  • Use the Self-Assessment Tool to assess your dental hygiene practice;
  • The Self-Assessment Tool enhances the CCP by laying out the specific standards encouraging a more complete assessment of skills;
  • The standards identified are classified into the following categories:
    • CDHM Practice Standards
      • Professional Responsibilities
        • Dental hygienists are responsible and accountable for their dental hygiene practice and conduct
      • Assessment
        • Assessment involves gathering information about the client. A wide range of methods may be used and will be determined by their appropriateness for each of the key responsibility areas
      • Planning
        • Planning involves the mutual development of goals, objectives, and the selection of interventions
      • Implementation
        • Implementation involves putting the plan into action
      • Evaluation
        • Evaluation involves the appraisal of intervention outcomes and the processes or activities used to achieve those outcomes
  • Identify those areas of your dental hygiene practice that do not meet the standards in the Self-Assessment Tool;
  • Establish a continuing competency goal for the identified standards;
  • Select and prioritize your continuing competency goals for every year;
  • Select the appropriate competency activities to address each continuing competency goal
  • For acceptable topics and activities be sure to read the material listed on the following websites:

At this time, the Self-Assessment Tool is optional.

To fill out the Self-Assessment Tool:

    • Please download and open the fillable PDF form, save and fill it out on the computer by clicking the boxes.



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