If you have completed additional dental hygiene education as a separate module in Local Anaesthetic, Restorative, or Orthodontic skills over the last 12 months  from your initial education as an RDH, or have achieved 3000 career hours and wish to be included on the appropriate roster, please complete and submit the appropriate declaration and a certified copy* of the certificate of completion from the course/module.

Certified copy*:

  • An authenticated photocopy of the certificate of completion from this course must accompany the declaration. Applicants who have graduated from the University of Manitoba or who have graduated from an institution outside Manitoba must have a Notary Public certify the certificate of completion.

Declarations can be mailed to the CDHM office. A new certificate will be issued upon the review and approval of the declaration and accompanying certificates.

Posted by CDHM INFO On June - 21 - 2016

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